Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Macarons!

I am THRILLED! I can hardly believe that these little beauties came from MY kitchen! Any of my friends in my town can attest to the fact that I have been trying to re-create the macarons I first tasted in Paris in 2004. I have tried many recipes, following them to the T to have the result be a yummy but ugly cookie. Obviously I have some work to do on the fillings. My ganache is a little runny and my buttercream, while lovely, does not taste great....learn from my mistake and do not substitute salted butter for unsalted. Still, I am one happy baker.
I was able to acheive this feat through the help of a wonderful little cookbook called "I Love Macarons" by Hisako Ogita. Let me back up a bit....notice the picture from Ashland, Oregon and my recent Oregon Shakespeare Festival adventure. I take this trip every other year with my dear friend Jacque (far right). Jacque and I often try to find a unique cookbook to buy. This year my usual haunt did not turn up any great cookbook. While shopping the town we wondered into another favorite spot "Prize". This sweet little emporium is a french themed general store. I like to go slow and take in all the delights from french penny candies to lovely diamond necklaces and everything in between. Tucked just under a batch of Laduree shopping bags was this book.....I Love Macarons. How could I not pick it up? Making perfect macarons is on my list of things to master before I die. I was enthralled but what I did not know is that Jodi (2nd from the left, just left of me) already had it in hand for a late birthday gift to me. Jodi....thank you! I love it and I hope you will love it, too!
Our Cupcake is turning 5! Hard to believe that we are grandparents, let alone grandparents to a 5 year old. Many years ago a friend of mine told me about what her in-laws did for their grandchildren....a 5 year old trip. We have been looking forward to this since she was born and in late August Cupcake gets 2 days alone with her Noni & Boppa doing Disneyland. Not sure who is more excited...Cupcake or Noni & Boppa. I did get her birthday dress done and shipped but not photographed. Up next is a princess dress for her to wear to the princess breakfast....oh how we love being grandparents!


  1. I hope one of these finds its way to your car Saturday morning! Yum! They look perfect! I didn't connect that you were making THESE macarons when you mentioned it to me this evening. I would have followed you home! :)Kris

  2. Oh yes!! Those macarons are as delicious as they look! I love being one of your taste-testers. They turned out absolutely perfect!

  3. Glad you did all the footwork for me...I've been looking over recipes since returning from Paris but hadn't tried any yet. I'll have to get the one you used and try my hand at some macarons...I LOVE them!