Saturday, July 17, 2010

OSF Here We Come!!!!

with my daughter in law Kristine, my daughters mother in law Robyn and my daughter, Robyn

It's here, finally here and less than 1 week away. My daughter is flying home on Thursday with her mother in law and almost as soon as the sun is up we will head north on Friday morning. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has become an every other year event for myself and my dear friend Jacque. Ashland, Oregon is nestled against the Siskiyous and is enchanting in every way. The theater productions are first class events. On my first visit it rained during one of the shows. The theater is an outdoor theater and many seasoned event goers were prepared with rain ponchos. We were situated just under the eves of the roof, on the first row of the balcony and so we were protected. The stage was quite wet but the show went on and the rain was even worked into the play (she weeps.....and so do the heavens). We were hooked from that point on and the next year, when Jacque came with us, she too was hooked. If you read Shakespeare word for word you might get lost but taking it in as a whole I find it very easy to track with and so have enjoyed each and every show we have seen. Every trip has had a different vibe since we invite different guests to join us, one year with our husbands and another with the 2 of us. Mainly it is a girlfriends event and this year is a full crowd. I expect it to be just as magical as every other time and yet, unique in it's own way. Shakespeare.....I recommend it!
We eat (roadside picnic with Jacque, her daughter in law Ashley and my Robyn)

We shop ....Prize, with it's Parisienne flair is our favorite store

We take photos in Lithia Park, we peruse The Tudor Guild gift shop, we buy bread at Ashland Bakery, we eat dinner over looking Lithia Creek, we stay up late and talk.....can you see why we love it so?

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  1. Have fun...I sure did the year we all went with our teenaged daughters.