Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did I mention Twins?

I have had to rethink my idea of introducing the garments for the twin girls. The shower is weeks away and momma may look on here. I'd like for her to be surprised. Still...I wanted to give you a "sneak peak".

These twins are a complete surprise as twins do not run in the family. Momma has been my daughters friend since they were born.  She was born on my 4th anniversary and I distinctly remember holding my 2 month old girl while I talked on the phone with the new mom (soon to be grandma). Can it really be that 26 years have passed already? I'll post a photo of the completed garments after the shower.

Here is a fun project......for almost 2 years I have been priveleged to have a "Young Homemakers" sewing group with young women from my church. We meet at a wonderful home that has donated a space for us to work and store materials. Last week I was not sure how many were coming so I moved our time to my house as we were going to be focusing on a project that was mostly handwork. It is a pair of fleece fingerless gloves. Only 2 seams and you are done! My idea was that we would draw the shape onto the fleece and hand decorate them before sewing so I told the girls to leave sewing machines at home. The little gal above was a guest of one of my regulars and she had never sat at a sewing machine before. It was so fun to see her delight with her finished gloves! The rest of my girls sat around my dining room table drinking tea, talking and stitching. Much like the quilting bees of the past these girls share parenting tips, recipes and love. I know they pray for one another and share life in so many ways. I am blessed to be among them.

That's Princess #3's momma

Home deco gimp made an elegant trim

Red dingle ball trim with feather stitched rick rack on black!

And this is one of mine. I hand stitched on wool felt polka dots and then centered on top of them some vintage sequins in hot colors....from my grandmothers collection.

We meet once a month....join us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Princess #3

Princess #3 is how my friend describes the little girl she is expecting in just a few weeks. Welcoming a 3rd girl seems only natural for this family. The first 2 princesses are adorable, sweet, feminine little things and so adding another just goes along with what they have already started. In anticipation of this little one I have been sewing. I may have mentioned before that my town has a lovely little fabric shop and that is where I found this sweet Alexander Henry print. The pink is soft enough for a toddlers coloring.

I made my Renaissance using the same trim as on my original pink dress ( As with all my garments it is exquisitely crafted with french seams, 4" deep handworked hem and button back closure. I altered the handsmocking from the original to include a variety of colors for the flowers. I was pleased with the affect. In addition I have long been on a quest for an old fashioned, European style where it pulls up slightly..and I think it has been acheived with the sleeve variation.

I can hardly wait to see the Princess in her gown, though it will be a while since I made it in size 2! My challenge to mom....let her wear her dress to do ordinary things like grocery shopping or play dates. Is there anything sweeter than a well dressed child at play? Congratulations-
Next post...Twins!