Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

We aren't having the traditional dinner at home this year. We are headed out to serve at our local Hospitality House. It is good, we have done this before. With just my husband and youngest son home it makes sense to share the day with others, some less fortunate than us. Still, I love to cook so I am in the kitchen prepping for the weekend. When my daughter was in high school she took a cooking class and she shared with us that your taste "evolves" about every 7 years. That explains why I grew an affinity for avocados in my early 40's! Late to the palette is pears. Yeah, I never had much use for them before 2010, then it hit...Pears!!! what had I been missing? I began the search for a pear sauce recipe and found it, made it, loved it and have since changed it. My goal today is actually to sew but the pears were calling. I thought you might enjoy trying this out on your family.

Vanilla Bean Pear Sauce
4 large pears, any variety
1/4 C water
1 vanilla bean

Peel the pears and cut into 1" or smaller pieces.
Add water to large saucepan and add pears. Cook on med-low heat until pears are soft enough to mash, approx. 10 mins. Remove from heat and allow to cool 10 mins. Transfer cooked pears to food processor fitted with blade attachment (or use a potato masher to manually process pears).

Split 1 vanilla bean down center and with the blade of a small paring knife scrape out the seeds. Transfer the seeds to the bowl with the pears and process with pears until you achieve a smooth sauce...unless you want it chunky, it's your preference. Serve warm or cool, it's yummy either way. Don't throw that vanilla bean pod away! Place it in an airtight container with 2 cups granulated sugar and seal. Do not open for 2 weeks at which time you will have a vanilla sugar to sweeten your tea or coffee or add to a recipe. It also makes a great gift packaged in a pretty jar and given along with a couple of tea bags(may I suggest Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro).

Enjoy your pear sauce in a bowl of vanilla yogurt for a quick snack. Or top pancakes with it but don't forget it is great just by itself. Happy Thanksgiving!