Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chocolate & Fabric

My good friend Laura has long accused me of being a snob. I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to the important things in life like chocolate or fabric. Admit it, given the choice you'd rather eat a yummy artisan made chocolate over a standard grocery store variety....wouldn't you? Now onto the really important stuff.....fabric! I love fabric, always have, always will. When purchasing ready made clothes I am as drawn to the quality of the materials as much as to style. If I can't have both, I don't want it! So, when people offer to give me things I usually take it and then decide if it is up to my usual snobbery, er, standard. My dear friend Heidi Emmett recently told me she had a bag of fabric to donate to the cause and it was like Christmas...the anticipation I mean. When I did get the bag it held up to Heidi's usual standards, exquisite. There are several pieces I am anxious to get sewing with...thank you Heidi. About sewing.....I am sewing, at every opportunity but for now it is on 4 flower girl dresses. Once those are done I can rest easy as my main task for the May 25 wedding will be completed. I have 5 special orders on my sewing desk as well as several gifts so I am getting to them in order (Melanie, your special order is 1st). I appreciate your patience and support more than I can say~


  1. Hi Karen. I can't wait to see your pretty flower girl dresses. Post pics! I have had quite the run of flower girl and bridesmaids dresses this year too and am enjoying a small break from them now.
    Your fabric goodies are lovely. Have fun sewing them.

  2. Oh wow! I am sure a bag of goodies from Heidi would be a real treasure. I too, have high fabric standards! I recognize a couple of those from my stash of fabrics. Can't wait to see pictures of what you have done.