Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall has Arrived

Our 5 Acre Wood is littered with black oak trees. Scattered among the abundant black oaks & pines are a few live oaks. As we were doing some fall clean-up last weekend I noticed beautiful velvet capped acorns. I had to capture this one hanging from the tree in our front yard. Gorgeous! Several years ago I was inpired by this natural beauty to create an acorn and oak leaf smocking design, think I'll make a tea cozy using this pattern.

In September I had the thrill of visiting the French General store in Los Angeles. If you have not heard of Kaari Meng and her lovely projects check out her website www.frenchgeneral.com. My daughter was with me and we were able to meet Kaari, have her sign our Home Sewn books and purchase a collection of glass flower beads to create a very sweet bracelet. If you're ever in LA on a Monday (the only day the shop is open) swing in and get inspired.

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