Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anticipating Baby Ansel

Friday night gave our community an opportunity to welcome the anticipated Ansel. Due right around Christmas time we enjoyed showering him with gifts. Ansel's grandmother is my dear friend Brenda. Only weeks ago she was enjoying a flea market in Paris when she ran across an antique childs sailor suit. She took a picture of that suit. At the shower she remarked that it had been suggested she make a similar suit for Ansel, then she whipped out her digital camera and showed me a picture. The french garment was red and sleeveless but otherwise very similar to this one..which I already had made before she even went to Paris!!! Made of a colonial blue gingham, the collar is white pique and the trim is a beautiful navy braid. I can hardly wait to meet little Ansel. Congratulations to all-


  1. How sweet! What a special gift for Ansel, made with love!

  2. Karen, this is adorable. Oh to have a little boy to dress in sailor suits.....

    It was fun visiting with you today, even if I did not even touch my smocking. Next year sounds really fun!


  3. Thanks, again, Karen for how you love my kids! Can't wait to see baby Ansel in his sweet little sailor suit...

  4. Hope you saw sister Willow on Easter...she looked pretty cute in this ~ Rachel added pink shoes and sweater to "girl" it up a bit ~ it was just too cute not to use for both of the kids and Ansel will wear it soon enough at the rate he's growing...