Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my favorite websites. I am visually inspired so I like to check on these sights occassionally for stimulation. I hope you enjoy them as well-

For children's clothing inspiration check out Rachel Riley at http://www.rachelriley.com/. Her classic style and exquisite fabrics are incredible. I think she does a line 3-4 times a year. Also, http://www.floraandhenri.com/ has beautiful things. These might appeal more to an outdoorsy asthetic, I know you will enjoy them.

Last year I was on the quest for the perfect sugar cookie recipe and I found it a http://www.fancyflours.com/. THis beautiful sight sells supplies for cake and cookie making. They offer the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe for free and I have used it over and over again....to rave reviews. Also, I have purchased cupcake papers and have been thrilled with the product.

http://www.etsy.com/ for all things handmade. You can find any handmade item in any price range on this sight. Make sure you allow enough time, it is easy to get sucked in!

http://www.countrybumpkin.au.com/ is the home of Australian Smocking and Inspirations magazine. These beautiful publications come with full size patterns and all the instructions to accomplish any number of needlework projects.

Looking for a recipe for tonights dinner? Try http://www.williams-sonoma.com/ and look under recipes. They have many to choose from and everything I have tried has turned out superb. Try the Zucchini and Carrot Noodles- yum! It isn't quite as inspiring as perusing a Williams-Sonoma store but it is worth a visit none the less.

For french inspired objects visit http://www.bellocchio.com/. Even better, visit their store in San Francisco. Not sure what I'd do with any of it (though I'd love a pair of the Eiffel Tower embroidery scissors) but I can't help looking and dreaming.

If you haven't visited my website please do as it is one of my favorite things. http://www.robynseggblue.com/ is a source for exquisitely handcrafted childrens clothing. Though I only highlight a couple of items I have many more in my collection and hope to showcase some of them here.

For magazines I am loving Country Living. It has evolved over the years and seems to be fitting right into where I am in my life today. The newly re-introduced Victoria is a visual feast as well. I will pick up an occassional Vogue for design details and  Cooks Illustrated for recipes and tips to be a better cook.

English transferware touched my senses over 30 years ago and I have happily added to my collection ever since. My main source of finding additions to my collection is http://www.ebay.com/. I have been so happy with everything I have bought and it includes alot of blue calico as well as a few pieces of chintzware. My english stoneware ranks among the top items I would remove from the house in the event of a wildland fire evacuation (we have to consider those things around here).

And last but certainly not least who doesn't love fall??? Crisp days, nippy nights, s'mores on the patio, an orange glow in the air. Fall is especially pretty here in Northern California, our town has an almost "New England" feel about it. Makes me want to bake pumpkin bread. What are you baking today?


  1. I agree, we live in a place that is so blessed with God's creative hand. And I love the sites you shared, some are new and will be fun to explore. (I didn't bake today, but am eating some of Colby's gluten free brownies from past baking). Today is soup making....so yummy and goes with Fall so nicely.
    P.S. I missed our sewing class, but will hopefully make the next. Hope you had a great trip!

  2. Wonderful post! I've been following Rachel Riley for years...since the article about her in Victoria Magazine years ago...now back to your post to tour the Frenchy shop! :)

  3. Unfortunatley for you Cheryl, Bellocchio is best toured in person. The website is a poor substitute. There are several "must sees" in the SF Bay area- Lacis, Tail of the Yak and Miette Patisserie(sp) being 3 others. I'll let you know if I find more.

  4. Still figuring this thing out, it was me, Karen, who made the last comment!

  5. Dear Anonymous....I'm so happy I can't tour Bellocchio in person (although I would love to...my wallet would not.) I did enough damage to my play money account last night...I did find a Christmas gift for my hat-loving son. I would love to get to the Bay area one day to see those "must sees"...I may not want to come home! :)