Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Julie & Julia

I loved that movie, would love to read the book. On thinking of it I was reminded that not only do I have stacks of recipes to try, I also have patterns that have never seen daylight. While I doubt I will ever get through the entire stack I am inspired to at least try something new. So, while searching for something small and sweet for a newborn baby girl I came across the "Sussex Round Frock" bishop dress by Evelyn Ewing Glass circa 1982.

I used a 1/8" pink gingham pima cotton that is lovely, feels like silk and has a great drape. However, gingham does not lend itself well to machine pleating. Let's be real here......if I hand pleat she will grow out of it before the pleating is done so I'll have to use a smocking design with good coverage. I'm already seeing that I need to finish the sleeves nicer than the pattern calls for but I'll address that when I get there.

I'll keep you posted......


  1. Once relaxed, the gingham takes on another different appearance. Yes good coverage is nice, but on a bishop...brighter/stronger colors make all the difference..letting the smocking stand out in that small area. If it is small size [1 or less] remember the shoulders are only so big ;-)

    That is the same pattern my dear mother in law did for my now 31 yo daughter. Shame I wasn't interested in smocking I am. LOL

  2. thanks for your comments. I am happy with the finished product tho not sure I'll use the pattern again. I got rave reviews from my smocking girlfriends on the sleeves so may use them on a standard bishop. It is a sweet little dress all the same-

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